RCD Espanyol undefeated in Rocket League and Champion of the FIFA eCopa

Another big weekend for some of our Esportia teams.

Espanyol is still undefeated with 14 victories in a row,

after beating Team Vertex and RJM in the RLRS this weekend.

This win got Espanyol up to #12 on the Rocket League World rankings and #6 in Europe (as of yesterday).
In FIFA, Cone played the eCopa finals in Madrid
representing Espanyol and became the new Xbox Champion beating the legendary Zidane10 in the final. He then lost in the grand final against the PS4 Champion, JRA from Racing Club de Satander,
he is still a possible representative for the Spanish Xbox selection in the eNations Cup.

As for Barça, the “blaugranas” had the very hard task of defeating Dignitas,
who were undefeated in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) league play. There was a lot of expectation around this match, as the two teams have become big rivals in the past year following Barça’s defeat to them last season dropping them out of contention for the World Championships.
The final result was 3-2 to Dignitas reflects how close both teams still are. Following on Monday Barça esports did their homework
and beat Team Singularity 3-2. This victory leaves them in 5th position in the RLCS.

As for Getafe, “Eltito” also made it to the eCopa regional final in Madrid.
After a great performance in the eCopa qualifying he couldn’t stop the player from Numancia, MarcosBullten, who won the match 2-0.

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