RCD Espanyol and FC Barcelona compete in the first derby in the history of esports

By 06/06/2019 July 12th, 2019 Clubes, Eventos

The RCDE Stadium event served as a preview of the last day of ESL Masters Rocket League

Yesterday at noon FC Barcelona eSports and RCD Espanyol eSports put on the first intra-city competition between two Barcelona teams in the history of esports.

Marketing Director for Espanyol, Agusti Filomeno, opened the event highlighting his teams’ commitment to esports, before underscoring the values it generates, amongst which he emphasized, “teamwork, humility, persistence, training, and trust.”

Multiple media outlets were on hand to watch the Rocket League exhibition match with Samuel “Zamue” Cortes representing Espanyol, and Adrian “ByMateos” Mateos for Barca. The single 1v1 match, a different format than will be seen in the ESL Masters, saw the Andalusian player for the Parakeet Club taking the game 6-4.

The competition was followed by a quick photoshoot and an exchange of a declaration of friendship between the clubs. The event served as a preview of the unprecedented match that will take place Thursday at 20:15.

The ESL showdown will mark the end of the regular season of the ESL Masters. The two teams, both managed by Esportia, head into the competition with differing prospects since Barca is already assured a playoff spot after their double victory a few weeks ago. However, the Blue and Whites still need to earn their spot in the top four despite currently holding third place.


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