Esportia hits the Rocket League DreamHack in Valencia

FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol are two of the 32 teams competing in the world championship

The Rocket League Pro Circuit will take place over the weekend of July 6 and 7 within DreamHack. Valencia will be the host city this time around, and the event will attract tens of thousands of visitors, as the Psyonix game’s championship is just one of the many attractions.

FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol are two of the 32 teams that will vie for the World Championship of Rocket League. Although Cloud9 claimed last year’s title, the two Esportia teams start as great contenders this time around.

The Perico club starts from group D and earned its spot in the Iberian Dreamcup, while Barça will begin competition in the group C in Valencia.

All matches will be played locally, and competition kicks off July 5 from 12:45 PM. The groups will compete simultaneously. The Grand Finals will be streamed on the official Rocket League Twitch channel and will start Sunday the 7th at 18:45.

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