Esportia opens a local office in Mexico and concludes an agreement with the most popular club in the country

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  • Esportia continues with its expansion process signing an alliance with Chivas de Guadalajara

Following the strategy of internationalization, Esportia reaches Latin America. The company has opened a new local office in Mexico City in order to keep expanding, developing and giving professional status to eSports. With the support of Barcelona headquarters, ‘Esportia LATAM’ will offer the experience and the commitment that has turned Esportia into a reference. The office will be headed by Darío Pérez and Javier Pérez.

The first major alliance formalized in the region is with the historical Club Deportivo Guadalajara, the most popular soccer club in Mexico. Chivas and Esportia will work together, launching in a first phase a professional Clash Royale team.

Taking into account the tradition that has characterized the football club since its founding in 1906, members of Clash Royale team will be composed of Mexican players. All of them are professionals with exceptional talent in this eSports’ discipline.

With this project, Chivas once again sets a trend and becomes a pioneering club in Mexico within the world of eSports. For its part, Esportia will soon announce the opening of new international offices in different countries.

Real Sociedad announces Clash Royale and Rocket League new coaches in Anoeta

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  • The Basque club works with Esportia to professionalize its eSports division

Real Sociedad presented Clash Royale and Rocket League coaches in Anoeta stadium: Manuel ‘PlayExperienze’ Martín and Ignacio ‘Rubik’ Rodero. Two experienced professionals in eSports world that will manage both teams in the League of Professional eSports (LPE). The Basque club will participate in LPE with other sports clubs such as Villarreal CF, SD Eibar, Besiktas, Universidad de Chile or Tokyo Verdy.

LPE is exclusively made up of sports entities from all over the world. Real Sociedad will participle in this competition in collaboration with Esportia to continue professionalizing its eSports sections.

Villarreal announces Clash Royale team and it joins LPE

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  • Clash Royale world champion Karnage is one of the four players of the team

Villarreal CF reaffirms its commitment to eSports. The club has announced Clash Royale team and its participation in the League of Professional e-Sports (LPE). The team is made up of four players with proven experience, a manager and also an analyst. Two efforts, in collaboration with Esportia, that give more professional status to eSports section.

Players Jorge ‘Karnage’ Bailon, Mario ‘Michifu’ Fierro, Alejandro ‘Regue’ Regueira and Diego ‘Darkoh’ Saez will lead the team. All four are proven Clash Royale pros who will compete with the aid of ‘Yeke’, their coach, and ‘MaestroKiller’, the analyst. Karnage, for instance, has won the Clash Royale League with Nova Esports team; Michifu is the TLP-Island of Gamer’s champion; Regue is runner-up in Orange Cup and Darkoh has been Top 2 in RLP Europe.

Villarreal will also compete in LPE

Villarreal already announced it was going to make its eSports division professional in collaboration with Esportia. From this, the project has carried on growing, and continues to do so, entering the League of Professional eSports. LPE is an exclusive competition of sports entities from around the world. Real Sociedad, Besiktas and Tokyo Verdy are some of the teams confirmed to be taking part.

Esportia has attended Gamescom

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Esportia has attended Gamescom, a fair that in its tenth anniversary has reached 370,000 visitors, 15 thousand more than in its previous edition. One of the attendees was José Guirao, Minister of Culture and Sports, as Spain has been the guest country.

Gamescom is the most important videogame event in Europe and one of the most important in the world, next to the E3 in Los Angeles or the Tokyo Games Show. This year’s motto, “Diversity wins“, has had as an example the closing figures with visitors from more than 114 countries, of which 30,000 have been professionals in the gaming business.

“The Heart of Gaming” has been pounding and has become, like every year, a tide of young people, eager to try the industry news.

Doing business, playing, buying merchandising of your favorite videogames and letting yourself be carried away by the visual experience of the big screens have been the subject of four days full of bits that will be repeated from August 20, 2019. Save the date!

Esportia at the eSports Forum in Laussane

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In October 2017 the International Olympic Committee decided to recognize the eSports of competition as “sports physical activity” remarking, in addition, that professional gamers “train with an intensity that may be comparable to that of traditional sports athletes.” After this first declaration of intentions of the IOC, it was announced that eSports was going to be present outside the official program in the Korean winter games, as it was, and that the objective of the IOC is that they form part of the official program in the competition of Paris 2024.

In order to carry out this revolution of the Olympic movement, the IOC and the GAISF, the association of international sports federations, organized their first “eSports Forum” last July. An event that will change the history of the relationship between traditional and electronic sports. Esportia was present, together with the High Performance Center of Sant Cugat, in this exclusive event, which took place in the Olympic Museum of Laussane, and which brought together the highlights of Olympic sport and eSports. Pilar Calvo, responsible for the Internationalization Department of Esportia, and Josep Escoda, International Relations and Responsible for Innovation of the CAR and General Secretary of the International Association of High Performance Centers for Sport, shared, along with just over 100 attendees, an interesting debate about what both worlds can contribute to each other and how to fit the electronic sports into the Olympic movement.

Kit McConnell, Sports Director of the IOC, noted that “There was a consensus that future collaboration will be based on ensuring that any activity supports and promotes the Olympic values…we have a strong plan for ongoing dialogue and engagement, and are in a strong position to coordinate and support the wider engagement of the Olympic Movement with e-sports “. The IOC sees in eSports the best ally to rejuvenate the Olympic movement and, although the eSports industry does not need the IOC to continue growing, it is also true that its link with Olympism is seen as an opportunity. As Mike Morhaime, president and CEO of Blizzard Entertainment, said: ” From the Blizzard perspective, we looked at what our vision is as a company…and now what we say is that our vision is to bring the world together through epic entertainment “, a very Olympic idea.

One of the most striking statements came from Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, President of the ANOC, Association of National Olympic Committees: “In Korea, I was surprised when I was giving the medals … For the first time, disabled athletes can participate with the normal athletes in the game, as a single team, and win a medal. We do not have to have the Paralympic Games. In Esports, we can have both participate together in the same game”. And it also happens with men and women, who can participate inclusively. It is one of the values that e-sports have and that is a clear added value for the IOC.

During the “IOC Esports Forum” we were able to listen to the opinion of the publishers, the eSports federations, and the top leaders of the sports world. But it was especially interesting to check the chemistry that existed between professional gamers and Olympic athletes. Both commented that what for some is a profession for others is entertainment. A professional gamer prepares but also relaxes through sport and an athlete evades the tension of sports competition through gaming.

From an emotional point of view, eSports are seen as an opportunity to represent a country for those young people who might not be able to do so in traditional sports. But it has also been proven that through gaming, in eSports  that clone traditional sports, you can promote the practice of that particular sport starting with electronic competition. It is an entrance door.

It will not be an easy collaboration. The e-sports, as perfectly explained the CEO of Riot Games, Nicolo Laurent, spend “millions of dollars per year in organizing their leagues and have been working for years the competition structures of this ecosystem. So if the IOC wants to enter in eSports, it must be done with time and well because we want it to remain a success“.

For Thomas Bach, president of the IOC, the challenge is to know “how to adapt the Olympic movement, with its slower timings, to the needs of eSports that can change the parameters of a videogame in weeks! But the best thing is that, in general, we share the same values and in such an individualistic world we have to be able to unite “.

In October 2018, the Youth Olympic Games will be held in Buenos Aires, where the IOC plans to resume the debate on the inclusion of eSports in the Olympic movement.