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La Maquinista Hosts Clash Royale Tournament Featuring YouTuber WithZack

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The Esportia organized event at the shopping center was held on Friday, October 26th, and featured two ambassadors from Team Queso, the European Champion tam of Clash Royale

The Clash Royale tournament of La Maquinista was held last Friday and featured popular YouTuber WithZack. The blue team, the Racooons, formed by Hector and Joel – both professional Team Heretics PLayers – and Mikeel 04 – professional player for Asus Rog Army – and X Calpe, won the competition. The event brought together a massive crowd and was produced by Esportia.

WithZack, who has around three million followers on YouTube is one of the most popular on the Spanish gaming scene. He casted the final and even played on-stage against a fan from the audience. The tournament also featured the ambassadors of Team Queso, Juuanjoo, and ErNahuB4N, an esports team that has recently earned the title of European Champions of Clash Royale.

The winning team took home four €250 La Maquinista gift cards, one for each team member, and four Wiko VIEW2 Pro smartphones. The runner-up won four Wiko VIEW2 Go phones.

La Maquinista’s Clash Royale Tournament Sees Its Grand Final

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·  The Esportia organized event will feature Clash Royale YouTuber WithZack and two members of Team Queso

· More than 750 participants have registered, 8 of which will compete in the grand final

Next Friday La Maquinista, the Barcelona shopping center, will host the Grand Final for Esportia’s Clash Royale tournament. The event will take place in the Clock Square of the center from 6 PM and will be open to the publish.

WithZack, one of the most famous YouTubers in Clash Royale will serve as master of ceremonies. The event will also feature two representatives from Team Queso, Juuanjoo, and Er-Nahu-b4n, both of whom previously participated in the qualifiers.

Of the more than 750 registered, eight will play in the grand final on October, 26. Players will be divided into two teams: four will compete under the name Red Foxes and the other Blue Racoons.

Each match will be best of three, and in case of a tie, a tie-breaker will be played between two members chosen by the Team Queso reps. The winning team will take 4 La Maquinista gift cards of € 250, one for each team member, and 4 Wiko View2 Pro smartphones, an ‘All Display’ with 4 GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The runners up will receive 4 Wiko View2 Go phones with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and ‘All Screen’ design. The contest is supported by the European brand Wiko, which is betting on phones specially designed for gaming.

The event day will also feature two contests. A ‘Beat the pro’ with WithZack on the same stage as La Maquinista and a raffle for a Wiko View 2Go mobile. The first will require prior registration through the La Maquinista website, while the will be made on Instagram where users will post a photo of the event with the hashtag #LaMaquinistaCR and following @Wiko and @LaMaquinista.

La Maquinista Shopping Center to Host Clash Royale Tournament

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The esports team TeamQueso and the renowned Clash Royale YouTuber Alvaro845 will participate in the grand final on October 26


La Maquinista will host a Clash Royale tournament from September 22 to October 26. The competition, managed by Esportia, will be open to the public and will feature three phases: online qualifiers, face-to-face elimination, and a Grand Final to be played before a live audience on Friday, October 26.

YouTuber Alvaro845 will serve as master of ceremonies for the event, which will also feature the wildly successful Team Queso.

The winning team will take home four La Maquinista gift cards of 250€ each, and four Wiko View2 Pro smartphones featuring edge-to-edge display technology, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage. The runners up will receive the Wiko View2 Go phone with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The competition is supported by Wiko, who designs highly responsive phones for designed for gaming.


• Saturday, September 22: First online.

• Friday, September 28: First round (face-to-face event)

• Saturday, September 29: Second online.

• Friday, October 5: Second eliminatory (face-to-face event)

• Saturday, October 6: Third online.

• Friday, October 12: Third eliminatory (face-to-face event)

• Saturday, October 13: Fourth online.

• Friday, October 19: Fourth eliminator (face-to-face event)


Friday, October 26: Grand Final of the Clash Royale Tournament!

Place: Clock Square of La Maquinista shopping center

Address: Paseo Potosí, 2 – 08030 Barcelona

About Wiko

Wiko is a European brand dedicated to the development of mobile phones. It was born in Marseille in 2011. Today it has 30 million users and operates in over 30 countries.

Wiko is the 4th best-selling phone brand in Western Europe. Driven by its success in the European market, the company is increasing its international presence in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Wikomobile Iberia is in charge of the brand in Spain and Portugal since August 2013.