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RCD Espanyol undefeated in Rocket League and Champion of the FIFA eCopa

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Another big weekend for some of our Esportia teams.

Espanyol is still undefeated with 14 victories in a row,

after beating Team Vertex and RJM in the RLRS this weekend.

This win got Espanyol up to #12 on the Rocket League World rankings and #6 in Europe (as of yesterday).
In FIFA, Cone played the eCopa finals in Madrid
representing Espanyol and became the new Xbox Champion beating the legendary Zidane10 in the final. He then lost in the grand final against the PS4 Champion, JRA from Racing Club de Satander,
he is still a possible representative for the Spanish Xbox selection in the eNations Cup.

As for Barça, the “blaugranas” had the very hard task of defeating Dignitas,
who were undefeated in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) league play. There was a lot of expectation around this match, as the two teams have become big rivals in the past year following Barça’s defeat to them last season dropping them out of contention for the World Championships.
The final result was 3-2 to Dignitas reflects how close both teams still are. Following on Monday Barça esports did their homework
and beat Team Singularity 3-2. This victory leaves them in 5th position in the RLCS.

As for Getafe, “Eltito” also made it to the eCopa regional final in Madrid.
After a great performance in the eCopa qualifying he couldn’t stop the player from Numancia, MarcosBullten, who won the match 2-0.

Barça and Espanyol are Top 20 on the Rocket League World Rank

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It’s no secret that both Barça esports and RCDeSports are two of the best Rocket League teams at the moment,
and their latest performances have put them high up in the world and European rankings.

FC Barcelona is 8th amongst the best teams of the world and 4th in Europe, reflecting a solid season with their focus on being the world’s best.
reflecting a solid season with their focus on being the world’s best.

Meanwhile, Espanyol’s squad has been making jaws drop with 12 official wins in a row since January, they are now #14th in the world.
The victories include 3 Rival Series matches (the European second division of Rocket League), where they are leaders in solo, the Rival Series, the Golden Dust Cup and The European Invitational which includes teams from the RLCS (Europe’s main division). These results make Espanyol the only team in the Top 20 World Rank that doesn’t play in the RLCS.

The new Rocket League Major kicks off with two Esportia teams: FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol

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The European Invitational started yesterday putting together all the TOP teams of Europe. The Esportia teams, Barça esports and RCDeSports, ended the first round with different results.

The European Invitational is a tournament organized by John “Johnnyboi_i” MacDonald, a prominent personality in the Rocket League community.
The tournament is formed by 11 invited teams – all 10 teams of the RLCS (Rocket league Championship Series) and 1 special guest from the Middle East, SandRock Gaming – plus 5 qualified RLRS teams, 16 participants in total.

After a very complicated and tight first match, Barça esports ended up losing 1-3 against Veloce esports.
The culés had a better start, kicking strong and hard on the first set, but the english team made its comeback winning the following 3 matches.
However, Barça esports has two more opportunities to qualify for the next round.
The next step is to beat Servette Geneva today at 8pm ( This is expected to be an easier match for the blaugranas.

For RCD Espanyol things went differently, the pericos had to face Triple Trouble for the third time in 3 weeks, managing their 3rd victory in a row against the former Barça player, Bluey.

RCDeSports went to overtime after starting with 3-2 in the first set. Triple Trouble managed to win the next two sets but Espanyol wouldn’t let them have it and imposed a 3-2 in the 5th set, gaining the Group D leadership.

The pericos are only one victory away to get their pass for the next round
and they will go for it next Tuesday, march 10th against Reciprocity, an RLCS team that will not go easy on them.


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Monday arrives after a weekend in which the main teams and players of the Esportia ecosystem have reached their goals.

Let’s start with Barça eSports and their performance in the RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) against a direct rival in the standings: Reciprocity. The “culés” won fair and square by 3-1, maintaining the 4th position and with Deevo being nominated MVP of this round.
As for the PES players, the eFootball.Pro competition took a break this week.

The Espanyol Rocket League team had a pause this week too from the RLRS after their double round with double victory last week.
Cone played the Futchampions Cup V phase II in which he lost on the losers bracket, after winning the first round in the penalties (4-4) against Jablett. He then lost in the penalties to Serhatinho, falling to the losers bracket where he didn’t resist JOlivera10yt.
The good news is Cone is back to the eCopa and he is going straight to the finals as his last opponent, Berard88, was disqualified by the organization for not having residence in Spain, which is one of the requirements to participate in the competition.

rom Getafe’s side eltito managed to be one of the finalists from the Group 4 (Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León) of the RFEF PS4 eCopa. The “azulón” will now play the eCopa finals this weekend in Madrid. This means that two teams managed by Esportia, Espanyol (Xbox) and Getafe (PS4), have players in the final of the eCopa, organized by the Spanish Football Federation.

The 8 finalists of the eCopa (4 from PS4 and f4 from Xbox) will fight alongside the 24 best ranked FIFA player for 2 spots in the Spanish Fifa20 national team.

The matches for this weekend: FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol and Getafe

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The last weekend of february is here and we bring you the schedule for the teams managed by Esportia:

Starting with Barça esports, the blaugranas are currently playing RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) and (eFootballPES). This weekend Konami’s competition takes a break until the next weekend (07/03/20), leaving the stage entirely to Rocket League.
Ronaky, Deevo and Flakes take on Reciprocity, a direct rival for the the 3rd position, on Sunday at 8.30pm. You can watch it live at the Rocket League Twitch channel (

For RCDeSports, Cone will be in action on Saturday at 12.00pm playing the phase II of the Futchampions Cup V (, In the meantime, the Rocket League squad will take a break from the RLRS (Rocket League Rival Series) after last weekend’s double round with double victory,
and will play the Golden Dust Cup on thursday at 9.30pm against Team Paragon.

From Getafe’s side Eltito_delfifa is going strong in the eCup, and will play the quarter finals this evening (friday) at 7.30pm followed by the semi-finals if he wins. Good luck! We are poised for another exciting weekend!


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It was a tough weekend for the Rocket League squad, but the team overcame the pressure and conquered two more victories, climbing straight to the 1st place of the RLRS.
Due to the delay in the first round, this weekend we had a double doses of Rocket League Rival Series.

On Friday, the pericos faced the French team Solary (one of the favorites to ascend to RLCS) in an exciting duel that ended up going to Espanyol esports after a great comeback. The final result was 3-2.
With this important victory, the team faced Saturday’s match full of confidence. Our pericos left everything on the field and defeated WDG with an outright 3-0 that gives them the leadership of the division.

Concerning FIFA20 the VFO Xbox boys (11×11) have conquered the VFO Cup as well, collecting all 3 titles: League, Cup and LECP. An historic achievement in the spanish FIFA community.
At the Cup final Espanyol beat Vanguard with a solid 5-0 proving again their consistency in the last two seasons (double titles).
And guess what, Cone has done it again on FUT Champions. One more week and 2 more victories with a 27-3 on Xbox (platform in which he was top 50 recently) and a 29-1 on PS4, almost reaching the weekly Top 100, thus proving to be one of the best and most regular players in the Spanish scene.


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Next week the ESPORTS BAR will take place, held in the coastal city of Cannes, France. But we can think about… what is ESPORTS BAR about?
ESPORTS BAR Cannes is the global business event on esports, in which top executives and leaders of non-endemic brands come together to shape the future of esports.

For three days, ESPORTS BAR Cannes offers an exclusive face-to-face matchmaking service that carefully blends the leaders of the esports industry (along with a Forum scheduled to last the three days of the event), offering advice and perspectives on how to invest and develop business expertise in this industry.

As a company belonging to the sector (with extensive experience in the management of traditional sports entities in the world of sports), Esportia will be present at an event of such size and importance.

Our vision for the event will be to expand our network and put our name on the international sports scene as one of the leading agencies in the industry.Likewise, our mission will be to share our experience in designing, planning and executing customized strategies for the development of new business paths. In this way we demonstrate our work philosophy, as well as helping new emerging companies in the sports sector to create new communities among the young public, fostering new and powerful links. Thus becoming the bridge of entry to the vast ecosystem of sports.

Konami unveils the Pro Evolution Soccer open competition

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The new Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 eSports tournament will start next December. The main novelty is that this new competition will be open to everyone, which will cause the possible emergence of new talent to the competitive ecosystem.

The players will be divided into three levels; beginner, intermedhiate and expert, depending on the result obtained in Online Divisions. Only those who participate in the expert level will have the possibility of reaching the Regional and World Finals.

The calendar for the competition will begin in November with the ranked online registration from December to February. The online finals will be held between February and March, while the regional finals will be played in May and the world finals in July.


This tournament is combined with the existing one of, in which in the previous edition professional players participated defending the colours of real football clubs. Among them AS Monaco (current champion), Celtic FC, FC Schalke 04 and FC Barcelona, which is managed by Esportia.

Although details have not yet been revealed for the second season, what is certain is that the former 3vs3 world champion Alex Alguacil will defend the Blaugrana shirt again and opt for the title of champion.

Third victory for RCDE esports in the Rocket League Rival Series

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The RCDE esports is speeding up on the Rocket League Rival Series, having reached this weekend the 6th position after defeating Team Echo Zulu (Holland) with an exciting turnaround and the final result of 2-3. There are only two matches left before the playoffs. The match started with Echo Zulu leading 1-0 and and then 2-1, but RCDE got back in the game managing the 2-2.

RCDE german player “Ghostfire” was the star of the match, scoring the victory goal on overtime. “The match against Team Echo Zulu was very intense because they knew how to pressure us but we stayed calm and took advantage of their defensive mistakes”, said the Espanyol player Zamué.

Over 26.000 people followed the game live. .

The League of Legends World Cup gathers more than 8,000 inside the Palacio Vistalegre

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This weekend the quarter-finals of the League of Legends World Championships have taken place. Eight teams were looking for a spot in the semi-final next weekend. It has been a very popular event with 8,000 tickets sold out in just half an hour inside the Palacio Vistalgre, in Madrid.

Four teams participated for the first time in this final phase of the World Cup. Griffin, FunPlus Phoenix, Damwon Gaming and Splyce. On Saturday they faced Invictus Gaming against Griffin where the teams could not do much against the experienced Invictus Gaming losing 3-1. Later the surprise would come when FunPlus Phoenix got rid of one of the favorites, Fnatic, for the same result, 3-1.

Sunday started with an interesting match between another favorite, SK Telecom 1, which beat another debut team called Splyce 3-1. In the last match of the day, G2 maintained Europe’s hopes by defeating DAMWON Gaming 3-1.

As for the online viewers, the numbers show that League of Legends is still at the very top. More than 4.5 million hours played between live and subsequent viewing, an average of 140,000 viewers during the live shows and a peak of almost 400,000 viewers just at the time when G2 won their match.

The semi-finals will be held next weekend again in Madrid, where Invictus Gaming will face FunPlus Phoenix and SK Telecom 1 versus G2 in what promises to be the match of the day.